Wisconsin natives forced to evacuate two days after unpacking new home in Florida

NOW: Wisconsin natives forced to evacuate two days after unpacking new home in Florida

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fl. (CBS 58) -- A Wisconsin family in the hurricane zone had to evacuate two days after unpacking their new home.

Wisconsin native Chris Baumann is safe with his four kids and wife at his parents’ home north of Orlando, Florida. He says there's major damage near their home in Panama City Beach. While he's worried about his home, what's most frightening for him is that some people in his neighborhood did not evacuate.

"We have new friends whose lives are literally at risk and I just started crying, literally in the moment," Baumann said. "My wife said 'are you okay?' And I'm like this is going to be the worst day of our lives."

Baumann and his family moved to their home back in June, but fell victim to a mover's scam and didn't get their belongings back from the Midwest to their new home in Panama City Beach until Saturday. Baumann says his family barely had time to finally unpack their belongings before they had to board up their new home and follow a mandatory evacuation on Monday.

His neighbors that stayed behind sent him photos of the damage done to their home. He says it looks minor, compared to damage in other places, but there were fences and shingles blown away and downed trees are still blocking the roads.

"In this moment as I'm talking to you, extraordinary relief and a little bit of survivor's guilt because I'm sitting here thinking God answered my prayers and we escaped with no lives lost," Baumann said. "And all things considered minor damage, but only miles away, not hundreds of miles away, like three, five, 10, 15 miles away homes are completely destroyed," said Baumann.

Baumann said he is waiting until it's safe to go back to his home but one thing the Wisconsinite says is giving him some sense of happiness in all of this is that he is looking forward to watching the Brewers on TV this Friday.

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