Wisconsin man biking 1,600 miles for organ donor awareness

NOW: Wisconsin man biking 1,600 miles for organ donor awareness

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Most of us have heard about the constant need for organ donors. 

Anyone who doesn't know, needs to meet Mark Scott, from Plover, Wisconsin.

He's a one-man PR campaign for organ donations.

"When I started to learn about kidney donation, I just didn't realize that 13 people die every day because they don't get a kidney," said Scotch. "And that just struck me. I just figured that somehow, people that needed a kidney got one."

Scotch donated one of his own kidneys to someone in need early this year. 

Now, he's finishing up a 1,600-mile bicycle ride to make us all more aware of the need for kidney donors. 

He started last month in Massachusetts and he's been working his way back to Wisconsin.

Tuesday, Oct. 12, he stopped in Milwaukee, riding here on the Lake Express ferry.

"I wanted to demonstrate that a fat, old guy can still ride a bike for a month straight, with one kidney and do it, so other people can see that and say hey, maybe I can do something too," Scotch said.

After talking with reporters, Scotch rode off on two wheels. 

He's expected to return to Plover, in central Wisconsin, by this coming Saturday.

To learn more about his journey, visit his Facebook page, "The Organ Trail."

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