Wisconsin Humane Society's Poorly Drawn Pets is back!

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- Want a picture of your pet? You're in luck! The Wisconsin Humane Society is hosting the Poorly Drawn Pets campaign where you receive a drawing of your critter with just a simple donation!

This will be the third year of the event, as it was brought back by popular demand.

Here's how it works. If you donate $25 to the Wisconsin Humane Society, they will draw a picture of your pet!

The WHS has a talented staff eager to turn your pet into a work of art to show your family and friends (and maybe even share a laugh).

You might get ones that look funky and amusing, and others that will be jaw-dropping and out-of-this-world. But that's the fun of it!

The WHS serves 40,000 animals every year, and every dollar makes a difference. Last year, over $20,000 was raised for Poorly Drawn Pets.

To submit your photos, head over to the WHS Facebook page and follow the steps on the pinned post!

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