Wisconsin Humane Society Introduces Porkchop as New Education Ambassador

After the tragic passing of Duncan, the Wisconsin Humane Society was proud to introduce Porkchop as the new education ambassador on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m.

Throughout its long history of helping stray dogs find new homes, the Humane Society is also dedicated to personal visits to area school children to help them learn how to act around an animal and break down barriers and unfair perceptions about certain breeds.

Porkchop came to the Wisconsin Humane Society as a stray from MADACC.

He stayed with a foster family while he was treated for Mange, an oftentimes painful skin condition.

"They knew they had a special dog," explained Anglea Speed of the Wisconsin Humane Society. "The foster family wound up adopting him."

Porkchop did well on his first field trip last Thursday and will now be training for even more public appearances.

Speed says there are many animals available for adoption and holiday time is perfect time for families to stop in for a visit, both at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee County campuses.

Because so many are off school and on vacation, families can take the time to select the right dog and spend time training him at home before everyone returns to work and school for the normal routine.

"The return rate on adoptions is actually lower around holiday time because of this compared with regular adoptions," added Speed.

Field trips with Porkchop happen all year long.

The Wisconsin Humane Society estimates that it reaches 8,000 children per year, many through special "Scout Nights."

Children can learn basics on how to read a animal's body language and learn to approach pets from the side, instead of head on.

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