Wisconsin enacts law blocking employers from obtaining passwords

MADISON -- The State of Wisconsin has become the 13th state for pass a law blocking employers from requiring applicants to hand over passwords to their personal internet accounts. 

The law defines a personal internet account as any \"Internet -based account that is created and used by an employee or applicant exclusively for personal communications.

According to state law, employers cannot request personal passwords to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The law does however permit employers to observe these personal accounts by any means that does not require accessing the password protected online account.

The law protects employees and applicants who exercise their rights from retaliation by an employer.

This does not protect employees from having to hand over their personal e-mail addresses, just the access information or password to those accounts. 

Employers can still require access to a device the employer supplied to an employee for work purposes. Employers can also monitor an employees personal internet account while they use company property, but cannot require an employee to hand over access information.



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