Wisconsin driver has 'EWW DV1D' license plate in a nod to popular show 'Schitt's Creek'

MUSKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- In a clever nod to the popular show "Schitt's Creek," a Wisconsin driver is sporting a license plate that reads "EWW DV1D." 

In the show, Alexis Rose -- played by actress Annie Murphy -- coined the catchphrase: "Ew, David." Alexis says the quote a few times throughout the six seasons of the hit show. 

At Vintage Grounds in Muskego, Wisconsin, police spotted a Honda minivan sporting the custom "EWW DV1D" plates. They posted on Facebook the owner, named Samantha, is "winning at life" with the personalized plate. 

Muskego police said the plate "brought laughing tears to the officer's eyes" when they saw it. 

The catchphrase is so popular it can be found on custom t-shirts, sweatpants, stickers, baby bibs and even COVID-19 face masks. 

Personalized registration plates cost an extra $15 at the Wisconsin DMV. 

"Yay, Samantha!" 

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