Wisconsin Democrats to Vote This Weekend on SuperDelegate Resolution

At this weekend's state convention, Wisconsin Democrats will vote on a resolution to abolish the use of superdelegates.

If the resolution passes, it is non-binding and would not impact this year's nomination process. The resolution is worded to change the Democratic Party of Wisconsin platform to "the DPW supports the abolishment of the superdelegate system."

DPW spokesman, Brandon Weathersby, said, We look forward to a healthy discussion on Saturday about proposed resolutions and changes to the party platform - including conversations about how pledged and un-pledged national delegates are selected. As Democrats in Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on being open and fair, and giving people across the state a process and venue to share their ideas and address their concerns."

A spokesman from the Democratic National Committee, TJ Helmstetter, said, "The Democratic Party welcomes a wide variety of perspectives, and the issues raised through our state party conventions will certainly be considerations for the DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee when it meets to draft the rules for the 2020 cycle."

Wisconsin Democrats will debate and vote on the resolution Saturday at the state convention in Green Bay.

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