Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's "good grief" moment

NOW: Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s “good grief“ moment

An incredulous House Speaker scoffed at the notion that given the controversy with Russia, the country might be better off if Vice President Mike Pence was calling the shots.

"Oh good grief. I'm not even going to give credence to that," Ryan said to a report who broached the topic. "I'm not even gonna comment."

For days now, the Janesville Republican has tried to keep the media at bay with their repeated questions about what President Trump might have said to the Russians or the now fired FBI head James Comey.

Yet again, Speaker Ryan founds himself imploring reporters to let the investigations take their course.

He said the job of Congress cannon be sidetracked.

"I know people are consumed by the news of the day," Ryan said. "But we are here working on the people's problems every day.

Ryan said he welcomed the newly appointed special counsel who is the highly regarded and former FBI Director Robert  Mueller.

Meantime, staffers describe President Trump's initial reaction to Mueller's appointment as "measured."

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