Wisconsin BBB sees increase in online pet scams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau has a warning for anyone thinking about buying a puppy online, after an increase in scams.

They say one woman sent hundreds of dollars to a fake seller. 

She paid for the puppy, then was asked to send another $800 for insurance. She sent that too and was asked to send more money for food -- the costs continued to climb.

"A consumer will do a Google search and they'll find an adorable picture of a puppy, and they'll want to make the purchase and they'll contact the email address, and the person will ask you for payment," said Director of Investigations and Media Relations Lisa Schiller. "Typically it's lower than what you'd expect, and that's usually what draws the consumer in."

A Federal Trade Commission report says the BBB receives about 37,000 complaints involving pet scams.

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