Wisconsin BBB: 5 resolutions for a fraud-free 2021

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is looking to help people be fraud-free in the new year.

BBB leaders say a few practical steps can help protect you and your loved ones in 2021.

1. Be cautious with email

  • Be on guard if you receive unsolicited emails from a person or company because scammers work to make emails look like they are from legitimate businesses

2. Never send money to strangers

  • The BBB says if you’ve never met a person face-to-face, don’t send them money

3. Do research before making online payments and purchases

4. Use best judgment when sharing personal information

  • Be extra cautious with who and where you share personal information such as banking and credit card information, birthdate, address and phone number

5. Social media smart

  • Use privacy settings on social media and only connect with people you know

More information can be found on the Wisconsin BBB website.

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