Winter, Wisconsin Man Heads to Space; May Break Scott Kelly's Record

A Winter, Wisconsin man lifted off from Kazakhstan Friday afternoon heading to the International Space Station.

Astronaut Jeff Williams of Winter, Wisconsin began a six month journey in space on Friday.

In Sheboygan there was a launch viewing party.

The Executive Director of Space Port Sheboygan Brian Ewenson spoke to CBS 58 News at 4:00 PM about Williams launch.

Ewenson said Williams trip took 9 and half minutes to reach space.

This is Williams fourth flight in space and third long term flight in space.

CBS 58's Bill Walsh asked Emerson how Williams body will be impacted by the trip into space. 

According to Emerson, he will grow three and half inches lose 20% of body mass

Willams may experience advanced osteoporosis, according to Emerson.

Jeff Williams may break Scott Kelly’s record for American most cumulative days in space because this is his fourth trip into space.

This record will be broken in two weeks in space.

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