Winning Lotto Ticket Won in Pewaukee

It doesn’t happen very often, but somebody bought the single winning ticket for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing in Wisconsin.

In fact, the ticket to a $155 million jackpot was at a store in Pewaukee.

Employees at the local mom and pop shop hope it goes to one of their regulars. They’ve posted signs throughout the store saying, “Check your ticket! The winning ticket was bought last night”.

Mike Brazeau has worked at the Pewaukee Corner Pump for the past 2 years and this morning things were a little different.

“I found out early this morning when I came in to open up,’ says Brazeau. “There was a message on the lottery that we had sold the winning ticket.”

Since then, the buzz hasn’t stopped.

“It’s been crazy since then,” explains Brazeau. “People are calling, coming in, and checking their ticket.”

“I feel bad because usually I buy a pair every time,” says frequent customer Joe Menzel. “I didn’t know it had gotten that high. I’m the type of person that buys when the pot gets big and unfortunately I didn’t this time.”

While the golden ticket is still out there and has yet to be claimed, Mike hopes it goes to someone who needs it the most.

“We’re hoping it’s one of our regulars and somebody who can really use it,” explains Brazeau. “We have a lot of nice regulars that come in and buy lottery tickets all the time.”

While one lucky Wisconsin player is looking at $155.2 million the local store gets a 2% cut from that up to $100,000.

For those of you who bought a ticket and have yet to check it, those winning numbers are 2, 9, 27, 29, and 42 with a Powerball of 9. The power play number was 2.

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