Will big-name campaign visits turn governor's race?

(MILWAUKEE)-- Presidents Clinton and Obama visit Milwaukee in the next seven days, both campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. What effect, if any, will these campaign stops have on the tight governor's race?

To find out, we asked Mordecai Lee, political science professor at UW-Milwaukee. With the latest polls showing a virtual dead-heat between Mary Burke and Scott Walker, you might think these visits are meant to sway those last few undecided voters. Lee says these upcoming visits are about people who already support Mary Burke. \"This is about physically getting the person to vote. It's about on election day, is it raining? Do they need a ride to the polls? Ultimately the delivery of the product, and that's the voter,\" Lee said.

Lee says it will be up to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to get to the ballot box. \"If I could predict, they're going to say the exact same sentence... go and vote this week, and I'm asking you to tell your family to vote this week, and to tell your friends to vote this week,\" Lee said.

In an interview with Wisconsin Radio Network, Scott Walker seems unfazed by the upcoming visits, saying his campaign isn't about celebrities, but talking to voters, and that Obama's visit will be a liability.

Lee says about 3-million Wisconsinites voted in the last presidential election, 2-million in last gubernatorial election. The candidate who can best tap into those 1-million people who normally don't bother with a mid-term election for governor will be the winner.

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