Wild Election Day Swings

Milwaukee topped out at 59 degrees this Election Day, ending our streak of 7 consecutive 60+ degree days to start November.  While today was unseasonably warm, that's typically not the case on Election Day in Milwaukee.

Take a look at the elections since 1992!  2008 was crazy as Milwaukee set a new record high of 73 degrees.  The other notable event occurred in 1992 when Milwaukee had a wintry mix.

Our weather will continue to warm through Thursday as highs approach the low to middle 60s.  You can see the warmth extend well north into western Canada tonight.  Thankfully the real cold air remains bottled up in northern Canada and across the Northwest Territories.  The long range guidance doesn't show a major pattern switch to allow that bitterly cold air to roll south.

A strong front will arrive late Thursday night into Friday morning.  Highs on Friday will struggle to get above 50.   We could see that first freezing temperature Saturday morning, but it's not a slam dunk.  On another note, Milwaukee has yet to hit 32 degrees this fall.  The latest that has ever occurred is November 24th. 

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