Wife attacked with dumbbell, Brookfield Police investigate attempted homicide

NOW: Wife attacked with dumbbell, Brookfield Police investigate attempted homicide

In a subdivision of Brookfield, neighbors are reacting to what happened on Kings Ridge Court.

Police were called to home on Sunday after a domestic situation involving a married couple who were in the process of getting a divorce.

“Upon arriving we found two subjects down and through investigation, we’re now investigating what we believe is an attempted homicide,” said Bryan Franckowiak, captain with the Brookfield Police Department.

According to the search warrant, the husband beat his wife with a five pound dumbbell.

“She was struck multiple times by a weight lifting  implement, which caused severe facial trauma and skull trauma.”

It was their adult daughter who found her and called 911.

Neighbors are in shock.

“He was just cutting his grass on Sunday, and all of a sudden on Monday morning we see a ruckus over there mid-morning with all the police cars, ambulances. Don’t really know what’s happening but except one of the neighbors saw the ambulance taking one of the couple,” says Robert Ruttgers.

After the attack, the husband went to the garage. Police found him injured, laying on the ground with the garage door on his head. “This was pre-planned, cause of the elaborate set-up it took to accomplish him underneath the door, have it close on him,” added Captain Franckowiak.

Authorities tell CBS 58 News the man has since died from his injuries.

The wife is in stable condition.

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