WI DOT updates businesses on progress of S. 27th street project

It's a project that will eventually be beneficial to many local businesses amongst South 27th street. However, until it's all set and done, it's a headache that's bringing many sleepless nights to business owners like Sam Diamantopoulos.

\"The minute my partner and I will be able to breathe again is when they cut the ribbon, have a grand opening and say its over,\" Said Diamantopoulos, who owns Melrose Park restaurant located on S. 27th street.

The construction project is supposed to be completed by September 2016. Until then, many businesses have to adjust. Some with difficulty.

\"When people see there's difficulties they tend to avoid visiting the establishment or even that area,\" Diamantopoulos said.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is having bi-weekly meetings to keep business owners updated on the progress.

The latest update, is that the project will move into phase 2 by mid-summer.

\"Traffic gets reconfigured to the opposite side that it currently is, that way we can reconstruct the current pavement,\" said Brian DeNeve, Communications Specialist with the Department of Transportation.

Diamontopoulos was hoping temporary signage would be provided to help businesses deal with the changes. The DOT says due to safety reasons, they won't be able to provide signage.

\"I respect safety of people out there working, but do I feel that if we see business declining we should do something about it? absolutely,\" said Diamantopoulos.

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