Who has the best colors and which routes to take

Can you believe it is already October 17th! We’re already into the second part of October and only two weeks away from Halloween.

It comes to no surprise that most of central and northern Wisconsin is near or past peak at this point. That doesn’t mean there is not good colors to view. Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Road is a great one to take, along with Highway 8 and 64 where the state forests run. I guarantee you will still see plenty of colors. I remember taking 64 a few times last year, once at night, and almost hit a deer.

Southern portions of Wisconsin are ramping up getting close to peak. Most are at least 50% to peak, and those colors will become more lively and vivid the next 7–10 days. Milwaukee is at 45%, Racine is at 35%, and Madison 40%. The tricky forecasts and warm air has lead to a slowing of the colors.

The best spots south of highway 21 in southern Wisconsin for best views:

  • Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive
  • Anywhere near Lake Geneva or Lake Michigan
  • Highway 23, especially from Green Lake to Darlington
  • Near the Mississippi River

Courtesy: https://www.travelwisconsin.com/fall-color-report

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