Whitefish Bay student organizes walkout for Florida Shooting

NOW: Whitefish Bay student organizes walkout for Florida Shooting

Whitefish Bay Senior Samantha Hentzen says she noticed how shaken fellow students were after last week's deadly school shooting.

"A lot of people were like, what if there's a shooter," Hentzen said. "We're all going to be in one space, and a lot of people were really nervous."

She's organizing a March 14 protest, where students will lay down outside school for 17 minutes, one for every person who died in Parkland.

"And then if congress doesn't do their job, and bring legislation to the floor and pass it, we're going to be back on April 20th, doing a full walkout and protest then."

April 20 is the anniversary of Columbine.

Former Milwaukee school teacher Ryan Clancy owns Bounce Milwaukee.

"I'm really passionate about this," Clancy said. "It's amazing to see young people taking a stand."

He's offering a deal. Milwaukee-area student disciplined for protesting will gain free admittance to his business.

"As a teacher, I knew that one of my most important responsibilities was to teach critical thinking, and to teach kind of civics, and this really encompasses both of those."

Milwaukee-area schools have taken different approaches on whether students can participate without parents calling them in. Hentzen says she thinks her school will be supportive, but she's protesting either way.

"There are 14 young people in Parkland, who will never be able to take their final exams."

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