What's next for Wisconsin's roads and bridges?

NOW: What’s next for Wisconsin’s roads and bridges?

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) – After President Trump announced a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan during his State of the Union Address, we’re looking at what it could mean for Wisconsin.

About $1.3 of the $1.5 trillion plan comes from local and state governments which means Wisconsin lawmaker would have to figure out the best spending plan to fix our roads and bridges in order to leverage federal money.

In a state that consistently earns low rankings for the quality of its roads and bridges, this could be a challenge.

On Thursday, some local lawmakers said they wanted to start by looking at the I-94 East-West Corridor project. State senator Alberta Darling and State Sen. Joe Sanfelippo introduced legislation that would put $25 million toward expanding part of the three and a half-mile stretch of road between the Marquette and Zoo Interchanges.

“We need to get back in the queue. We need to get back on the federal list to say this part of 94 has to be done for economic reasons and for public safety reasons,” says Sen. Darling - (R) River Hills.

Democrats don’t have confidence Wisconsin will be able to fix its roads anytime soon. State Senator Jon Erpenbach sent the following statement:

“Wisconsin has been punished with some of the worst roads in the nation because of Governor Walker’s selfish refusal to help repair our failing infrastructure.”

Trump’s infrastructure plan first has to pass through Congress. Walker says if approved he’ll work with House Speaker Paul Ryan and other state leaders to figure out how to improve Wisconsin’s roads and bridges.

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