What's next for Wisconsin healthcare?

NOW: What’s next for Wisconsin healthcare?

Incoming Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says one of his first actions will be reversing course on healthcare.

"I'm looking forward to working with Governor Evers to withdraw the state of Wisconsin from the lawsuit that's seeking to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, which, if it's successful would eliminate protections for people with a preexisting condition," Kaul said.

Marquette professor Susan Giaimo says other state's could still win the lawsuit,  leaving state healthcare in flux.

"Then the question will be, what will people at the federal level do to replace it, and what will people in the state do?" Giaimo asked. "What will politicians in Madison do?"

So far, Republican leaders have opposed Governor-elect Tony Evers' plan to take more federal medicaid money., but they are open to protecting pre-existing conditions.

"There's obviously a ton of support for it," Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said.

Gov. Scott Walker said he would support using the same language in the ACA at the state level, but Fitzgerald isn't sure.

"I'm not ready to commit to that," Fitzgerald said. "I want to see kind of if the Assembly version that they passed will have enough impact if the lawsuit falls apart."

Giaimo says the most likely scenario with divided government at the state and federal level, is things stay the same.

"We may wait and see how this lawsuit plays out, and in the meantime not do anything."

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