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What teachers want you to know this school year

Franklin, WI- Before the first book is cracked open, or a student has stepped foot in the hall, Forest Park Middle School teachers are hard at work.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"We're putting up posters; we're rearranging furniture for the best environment for our students. We are making changes to our instructional materials,” Special Education teacher Kim Trendel said. 

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">But, while teachers are preparing in class, they say the real work starts from home

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Everybody come here with the mindset that we're really here to do what's best for kids, but we need everybody's help,\" Trendel added.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">One thing could set the tone for the entire school year. Twenty-two year veteran Christine Bachofen says it starts with one question.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Specifically ask, what can I do to help my child? Because, the answer that we might give one parent could be different than what we give another parent.\"               

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">And then keep the lines of communication open.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"The sooner we can all just communicate with each other and not be afraid to ask for those questions and ask for that help, I think a lot of problems later on could be alleviated,\" Trendel said.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">And if you think homework isn't important think again.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Trust the teachers that the work they're sending home is valuable, and support that,\" Bachofen said.              

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Most important advice teachers could offer, realize they are on your child's team,not against them.  Also, don't worry about first day jitters, teachers have them too.

font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"There's a lot of anxiety. I think we're all afraid of the unknown,\" Trendel said.

School starts September 2nd


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