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What is Yik Yak?

A male student at Delavan High School is now in custody after making a threat to shoot up a school on social media. That threat, on the phone app known as \"Yik Yak,\" put several districts on edge.

The app can be downloaded by anyone, but it's being promoted at college campuses.

Basically, it's similar to twitter, but all the posts are anonymous. Carroll University Social Media Strategist Carrie Woods said it's a popular app used among college and high school students.

\"The people who are on these apps are attracted to that fact that you don't know who they are,\" said Woods.

Yik Yak isn't even a year old..It started back in November and has taken off since then.

\"It's very similar to twitter in the fact that you post updates, but you don't see who wrote it. There is no picture or name attached to the post,\" said Woods.

You can post about anything and you don't have to be friends or follow someone to see their post.

What makes Yik Yak unique is not only that it's anonymous, but your Yik Yak feed is only filled with things happening nearby.

\"Naturally, places like high schools or colleges (use it) because you only see updates from a 1.5 mile radius around you,\" said Woods.

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