Wet Night in Wisconsin

NOW: Wet Night in Wisconsin


We were bracing for the rain again last night. By 9pm a solid batch of rain closed in on the area.  At that same time, heavy wet snow was pounding the far northwest part of the state. Check out this total:

 Many areas picked up over a half foot of snow across Douglas and Bayfield counties. For us we just had steady, moderate rain, and it lasted into this morning. Totals at the end of the event were pretty impressive:
 This last system continues a wet stretch:
 As you can see over the last ten days or so Milwaukee has received over three inches of rain. That's nearly a months worth of normal rainfall for April or May. Moving forward, we have a chance to dry out. The opportunity for any weekend showers is looking slim at this point. You can expect temps around sixty degrees both days. The next chance for accumulating rain arrives later Tuesday. I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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