Western Racine County Pounded with Hail

Western Racine County, especially around the Wind Lake area, is still recovering from being pummeled with hail Sunday evening.  Some reports have the stones between golf and tennis ball.  You know hail this size is enough to damage any vehicle. 

This is why body shops were slammed on Monday, including Morgan's Collision Center in Muskego.  Owner Ron Graham says he can bring in between $50 and $150 thousand dollars of extra revenue from natural disasters like this.  He also says this time of the year tends to bring him more money compared to winter months since more people are driving on the roads.

We saw cars hit hard by the hail.  And in some cases the back windows were blown out.  With damage like this, I'm told, repair costs could total around $5000, and it could take a few weeks to fix all the dents and dings.  Comprehensive insurance typically covers claims like this one.

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