West Bend community rallies behind local Olympian

NOW: West Bend community rallies behind local Olympian

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Winter Olympics in Beijing will be a place where two teens from Washington County see dreams come true, and on Wednesday night, the West Bend community is rallying behind their local athlete.

We're seeing signs of support all over West Bend. This community's truly proud of their hometown Olympian who went to school at West High School before heading out west to train.

Team USA's snowboard team has 26 members. Courtney Rummel is one of them.

"Known the family for a long time, great family," said Jackie Heise of Boss Realty.

Heise works with Rummel's mom. Their girls are best friends. 

"Super excited, like super -- my daughter and I -- tears, you know," said Heise.

Boss Realty's got a big banner outside. So do a number of shops along Main Street.

"And I said I think we need something on the balcony,  and he said yeah, we already thought about that and so we ran down and had that made," said Heise.

The support is evident, not just in the signs on windows. People are talking about the 18-year-old's success.

"And we're excited to get behind, watch her and see how well she does. We're hoping she's gonna make it back numerous times, so hoping for her to do really well this time," said Kevin Schultz of Mountain Outfitters.

A number of community members plan to get together at a watch party Friday night. 

"This is what cities do, you know, when they have someone go to such a high level. You rally around them. You support them," said John Ehlke, production manager, City of West Bend Community Television.

John Ehlke took a camera out to Main Street and just started talking to people.

"A lot of our projects everyone's excited about, but this one, it was like so easy. You know, we approached people and said 'hey, we're doing this, would you want to just say a quick message to Courtney and say good luck?' And they're like 'yes, of course!'" said Ehlke.

Community Television will put up their video in its entirety on the West Bend Facebook page the day before opening ceremonies.

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing opening ceremony is Friday.

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