West Bend Children help cancer survivor with random act of kindness

WEST BEND-- A quick trip to Pick 'N' Save Thursday ended with a surprise for Kit Adamson.  After four years battling cervical cancer-- she's now in remission.

\"I got to fill that turkey craving,\" said Kit, recalling why she stopped by the grocery store.

Kit has been cancer free for two weeks, and with a healthy appetite for some turkey-- it was time to pick up some trimmings.

When Kit stopped by Aisle 7 for some cranberry sauce, she made some new friends.

\"There was a whole group of kids playing and talking trying to decide what kind of fruit they wanted,\" said Kit, as she retraced her steps.

The trip to Pick 'N' Save was one of Kit's first outings on her own since receiving the good news.

\"I was just tickled that they like me,\" said Kit, laughing.

The kids played with Kit as she drove around in her scooter.

\"I stopped and I said, 'whoops I forgot what I came here to get,' because I was having so much fun with the kids,\" she recalled.

Two families quickly lent a hand.

\"That's when the kids all pointed up here and said that's where all the cranberries are,\" said Kit, gesturing toward the top shelf.

After placing two cans in Kit's basket-- they parted ways, until it was time to check out.

\"One of the mothers of this group of kids with a couple of the girls came running to my cart and she she was waving money,\" she recalled, \"she goes the kids want to buy your groceries.\"

\"I thought it was the most wonderful thing that could happen to her,\" said Bill Adamson, Kit's husband.

Bill says the act of kindness brought them both to tears.

\"A little bit of good and your heart sailing,\" he said.

A small token of appreciation for a cancer survivor who's inspired her community.

\"I'm going to get back on the road and keep going, and keep doing it,\" said Kit.

Kit and Bill say the children and their families left the store before kit could get their names, and hopes by getting their story out-- they can reunite with the children and their families to say thank you.

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