West Allis PD releases audio of Zelich interrogations

WEST ALLIS -- Steven Zelich had been investigated multiple times while he was an officer for the West Allis Police Department. The West Allis Police Department released several recordings of interviews conducted while Zelich was being investigated for inappropriate behavior. Zelich is now facing criminal charges after allegedly stuffing the bodies of two dead women in suitcases and dumping them on the side of a Walworth County highway.

According to the West Allis Police Department, Zelich was investigated several times before resigned in 2001. One of those incidents took place on May 13, 2001, when he met a young woman at a downtown Milwaukee bar.

The woman who Zelich took back to his apartment turned out to be a prostitute. That incident ended with the woman running out of Zelich's apartment half-nude. Zelich says the prostitute tried to steal his wallet.

Click the links on the left to hear the full interrogation of Zelich following this incident.

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