West Allis Man Found with Box Full of Credit Cards, Laptop and Credit Card Embosser

A West Allis man was charged for allegedly having a box full of credit cards with his name on the cards but the accounts were not correct.

Michael Booth was pulled over by Racine Police on Wednesday.

The officer observed a box of credit cards, a credit card embosser and a laptop in the vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, Booth was arrested for OWI-drugged and a possession of marijuana.

The box included a Wells Fargo credit card. The card had an account number and his name on the card. Wells Fargo Credit Law Enforcement Assistance advised that it was not a valid card. There was also a Visa with “USAA” on the top of the card. Bank of America said this was not a valid card either.

A secret service agent told the officer that the card number and face of the card will not necessarily indicate the actual account number. That information is contained in the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

There was a charged submitted for Financial Transaction Card Crimes. 

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