Well-known Sussex restaurant marks next chapter with new owners and a new name

NOW: Well-known Sussex restaurant marks next chapter with new owners and a new name

SUSSEX, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Sussex restaurant, rich in history, is about to mark a new chapter.

The former M&M restaurant, that fed Sussex for over 40 years, has new owners and a new name.

When the longtime restaurant shut its doors and the new owners moved in, social media blew up with people wondering what would be on the menu -- would the chocolate chip pancakes be back? The new owner said yes, as will a number of M&M's former favorites.  Plus, of course, new menu items. 

Gabe Kolesari and his son, Gabe Kolesari, share more than just their name. 

"My son, he loves cooking. I love cooking," said Kolesari. 

Their skills in the kitchen, unmatchable. 

"I love food. So I just like seeing the excitement when people eat it and it's good," said Gabe Kolesari, son.

The two also shared a love for this place. The former M&M restaurant was a longtime favorite. On Christmas Day, father and son took ownership.

"Nobody wrapped it though, that was the biggest, I guess they couldn't find a big enough ribbon," said Gabe Kolesari, father. 

Less than two months later, progress -- a new sign and a new name. 

"Everything happens in the kitchen. We grow up in the kitchen We have a party, where does everybody go? To the kitchen," said Gabe Kolesari, father.

The Kolesaris gave us a sneak peek at what's left behind and what's changing. 

"The walls, we put -- knocked down on them. There were just 50 years of plain drywall. And this is one color and during the day, it changes because of the sunlight," said dad, Gabe Kolesari. "And over here the same thing, and church pews along here. With the pews I can rearrange the tables a little differently than the booths. The booths you were there and that was it."

Dad's retired from Sussex where he ran the village parks and spent 34 years on the school board. His son ran the farmer's market last summer. 

The last two months it's been hard work. Their social media page is buzzing as diners wonder whether the menu will include some old favorites.

"The stuffed omelet, the hungry man's omelet. It's got new words, not the same name. We're gonna have our own sauces, special sauces for the waffles. Hot honey sauce and a bourbon sauce," said Gabe Kolesari, son. 

"Farm to table, and that's what we want to be known as, is the farm to table. All our meat, all our hamburgers gonna be fresh," said Gabe Kolesari, father.

We're adding dinner specials of homemade meatloaf, smoked pork chops, country fried steak, shrimp 'n grits and cajun sausage," said his son.

The Kitchen will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer a discount to military, police and firefighters.

"It's the old fashioned, it's like coming home to your grandmother's house. That's what kind of food that we're gonna be having," said dad.

The kitchen is expected to open in about two weeks. 

You can check their Facebook page for all the details. 

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