Weather from Past Super Bowl Games

The weather for Super Bowl 50, right here on CBS58, should be fairly nice in California.  Highs near 60 and no mention of rain. But looking back at previous games, it wasn't always so nice.

First off, 17 of 49 games have been played indoors.  And about this same amount recorded a trace or more of rain.  Two of the bowls had snow, in 1982 and 2006.  One bowl was played during an ice storm.  It was the 2000 game in Atlanta.

The warmest happened in both 1973 and 2003 when the temperature hit 82 degrees.  Conversely, the coldest game was in 1982 when the mercury dropped to 16 degrees.  This game was held inside a dome.  The coldest non-dome event happened in 1972.  The temperature at the time was 43.  The wettest one was in 2007 with .92" of rain.

Since 1967, three Super Bowl games have been held in California during El Nino years,like this one.  All those match ups featured dry weather.  Again, the same should happen this year. So history can repeat itself!

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