Entering a stormy period this July 4th holiday week

NOW: Entering a stormy period this July 4th holiday week

8:30 pm Sunday:

We should stay quiet this evening and overnight.  And then things will fire up again, on and off, much of this coming week, especially with the intense heat and humidity expected the next few days.  Any storm could be strong with heavy rain, hail, and damaging wind. I don't really see a pattern change until the weekend.  Keep in mind we'll have plenty of dry times through the 4th of July.  But you'll have to dodge the rain and storms periodically.

Pace yourself this week too.  At times, with the humidity, it'll feel well in the 90s, especially the first part of the week.


2:30 pm Sunday:

We've quieted down for a time now.  All the warnings and watches have been dropped.  However, a lot of cleanup is underway, especially across Walworth and Waukesha Counties.  Winds more than 60 mph were clocked in certain areas as the storms roll through between 11 am and 1 pm. Oconomowoc and Ixonia are two places hit hard.  Some of this same general area was affected on Thursday by storms.  More storms are possible into this evening, especially west of Milwaukee.  And then we stay in the active pattern much of this week right through the 4th of July. 

Another issue will be the warm, muggy conditions.  Look for highs in the 80s for the week with heat indices in the 90s for many of us too.


1pm Update: Storms with lightning, heavy rain and gusty wind close in on Milwaukee county. There is no warning for Milwaukee county, but we continue to see reports of trees and branches down on gusts around 50-60mph. Please take cover now as the storm passes through.

Noon Update: more counties going under warning, until 1:15pm with gusty storms rolling through.
 The warning has expired for Dodge county, but added for Walworth, Racine and Kenosha until 1:15pm as they hold severe strength. Jefferson and Waukesha counties are also still under warnings.


 Storms could contain strong wind gusts to 60mph along with some hail. At this point most locations under this line have reported some branches down with gusty wind. 

We’ve had reports of 50mph gusts in Juneau (Dodge co) and 58mph in Watertown (Jefferson co) as this line has dropped southeast about 40mph. Other counties west of the area are also under warning, here’s the latest owever, the chance for a Severe Thunderstorm Watch area wide is unlikely, per the National Weather Service 
  That said, Racine, Kenosha and Walworth county have been added to a Watch until 6pm. We continue to watch this line of storms as it moves southeast. Even if we don’t continue with severe strength storms, early this afternoon at least a brief downpour is possible in the city.
As a side, heat is the other story today. While the greater Milwaukee area isn’t experiencing oppressive heat, our southwestern locations are baking 
 Be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks if working outdoors today. And keep an eye to the sky for approaching storms.

Sunday 10 am update...

Still on track for having storms roll through between lunchtime and the middle of the afternoon across southeast Wisconsin.  It looks like the overall band has weakened.  But the threat is still there for gusty winds, large hail, and heavy rain.  Again, make sure to seek shelter if these thunderstorms fire up where you are.  Today is a good day to download the CBS58 weather app if you haven't already.  It's free to use and very functional on a day like this!  There are many more chances of storms through much of this week, including July 4th itself.  Stay tuned to CBS58 for the latest weather information and of course right here on cbs58.com.


Sunday 6 am update…

A “bowed” area of severe storms is pushing through the northwestern part of Wisconsin and is expected to be here after 11 AM.   Winds more than 60 miles an hour, large hail, and very heavy rains are all possible.  If you see the storms fire up, head indoors or seek shelter. Keep 


Saturday Updates..,

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--Enjoy what we have now because it's getting stormier, in waves, on Sunday.  Look for showers and storms to breakout by 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning and linger to around lunch.  Then another chance of storms is possible later Sunday evening, say after 9 pm.  A warm front is lifting north that will help trigger the storminess.  Heavy rain, gusty winds, and large hail are all possible with these storms.  One to two inches of rain could fall.  Don't cancel the plans but please keep an eye to the sky and the free CBS58 weather app.

I should mention there's a slight risk for severe weather as well.  

Meantime, the pattern stays stormy through the July 4th holiday.  However, the upcoming weekend is trending drier at least according to the reliable Euro computer model.

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