'We’re all in this:' Peaceful protesters march to Oconomowoc Police Department

NOW: ’We’re all in this:’ Peaceful protesters march to Oconomowoc Police Department


OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (CBS 58) – Peaceful protesters took to the streets in Oconomowoc on Monday, June 8.

A few dozen protesters marched around two and a half miles to the Oconomowoc Police Department. The march was organized by two young people wanting to see change in their community. While marching, they chanted and held signs. The protesters were met with drivers honking their horns in support.

One organizer said he feels like it’s important they do something, especially in the suburbs.

“A lot of people out here don’t really feel like this is their fight and we’re all in this,” Organizer Benjamin Mayle said. “Every one of us, whether you’re white, black, green, blue, it’s just for equality and justice for everybody.”

Police assisted protesters by blocking intersections along the route. The marchers were met by a group of people holding a sit-in on Oconomowoc’s Village Green.

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