"We haven't forgotten the cookies!" Group working to revive Midwest Express.

NOW: “We haven’t forgotten the cookies!“ Group working to revive Midwest Express.

A return to Midwest Express? It's possible. There's a group of people, including a former employee, trying to revive the once thriving airline. It's still in the very early stages, but word of it's potential return is stirring up a lot of memories.

"Well, I have to say the cookies," said Lisa Ireland.

The cookie memory was also a favorite memory of David Staufenbeil.

"They had a very fine kitchen that made fresh cookies every time that we flew," he said.

If you go to Flymidwestexpress.com, even the group trying to revive it talks about the cookies. Customer service was also a fond memory of people.

"Some of these airlines now, they're just packing in all of the seats keep shortening up the space in between seats which makes it even more uncomfortable," said Pat Burk.

Midwest Express was sold to Republic Airways around a decade ago and eventually became Frontier. The Midwest Express website says they're looking for investors to help their plans take off. There's at least anecedotal evidence of promised customers.

"I would definitely fly Midwest Express if they came back," said Lisa Ireland.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's office released a statement, "The airport has added ten new nonstop routes in the past year, welcomed a new airline, and introduced year-round international service to Guadalajara, Mexico. Our passenger numbers continue to grow as more travelers choose MKE. We frequently meet with new and existing airline partners as part of our multi-faceted approach to market Mitchell Airport. We believe there is still plenty of opportunity at the airport, and will always consider new partners and development, but aren't in any specific discussions with potential airlines."

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