We Energies preparing for potential ice storm that could cause power outages

NOW: We Energies preparing for potential ice storm that could cause power outages

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We Energies are preparing for Monday night's ice storm that could cause major issues for power lines.

"We'll work through the night but at night it's tougher so we want to bring in our resources at first light if there are outages," said We Energies spokesperson, Brendan Conway.

We Energies crews are keeping a close eye on this ice storm. Ice can cause trees or tree limbs to fall on top of power lines.

"If it is raining and a quick flash freeze, you could see some icing on power lines, but traditionally the biggest issue it impacts is things coming into contact with our equipment," Conway said. "You could also have cars losing control and coming into contact with our equipment."

If you notice a downed tree on a power line near your home or neighborhood, Conway said to report it as soon as possible.

"Because then we can respond quicker. If we don't know where the actual damage is, we have to patrol that line. Could be patrolling two miles worth of lines," he said.

Conway said to also be patient. Ice can make it more difficult for crews to respond quickly.

"It can take what would normally be 90 minutes to restore, it could take two to three hours if the roads are icy and conditions are icy. Remember, they're going up in a bucket truck, safety is always going to be number one," he said.

Now is also a good time to take a good look at any trees near your home. If you notice any branches hanging over your home, those could potentially snap off when ice accumulates, causing damage.

"We recommend owners of the house to trim the big limbs over the house," Jose Sanda said.

Jose Sanda, leadman for Brotherhood of Tree Workers, said to also be careful around trees that look like they are bending.

"I hope everybody be safe and just be careful with the big limbs. Stay away from the trees," he said.

You can report outages HERE

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