We Energies complaint-'they left me hanging'

MILWAUKEE -- A woman who lives in Greenfield says she had a gas leak in her condo and says when she called We Energies they refused to send help.

We Energies website says if you smell gas leave immediately and call their number for help but as one resident tells us, calling for help got her nowhere.

\"They left me hanging.\"

Alissa Susalla is not mincing words about what she's calling a public safety issue. Susalla suspected a gas leak in her condo, called We Energies, and the company confirms they didn't respond.

\"I said I need someone to come out and shut off my gas and he said, we don't have anyone right now to send out.\"

She says instead her step dad, a firefighter, came to turn it off, something she says shouldn't happen.

We Energies website says anyone with a gas leak should go outside and call their number on the site. CBS 58 approached We Energies and Barry McNulty, a spokesman responded.

\"What happened was someone installed a stove improperly, creating a very dangerous situation potentially.\"

He says the company is working to correct the problem, \"That employee did not follow through and will be disciplined, we are having a stand down meeting to rectify it and make sure it doesn't happen in the future.\"

Still the resident we spoke with says she hopes it teaches We Energies an important lesson.

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