"We are just devastated:" Pitbull puppy stolen during Riverwest burglary

NOW: “We are just devastated:“ Pitbull puppy stolen during Riverwest burglary

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A family in Riverwest came home to find their place ransacked, thousands of dollars in stuff gone, and the worst part of all is that their puppy was stolen.

The family says they hadn't even had their Pitbull puppy Bella for a month before thieves broke in and stole her.

"My sense of security has been taken away," said homeowner Shanette Fails.

Shanette Fails was at work when she got a phone call from her son Thursday afternoon saying that their home was burglarized.

"They had broken in through my bedroom window. They had trashed the place, taken all of my shoes. My gun was taken. They trashed my kid's room, took all of their shoes and clothes."

Shanette says what hurts the most is that the family's 11-week-old pit bull puppy Bella was taken from her cage.

Shanette says Bella is her 7-year-old daughter Shaniya's best friend.

"We are just devastated. It's bad enough that you broke into my home, but you take the puppy as well. No words. When we had to break the news yesterday that Bella wasn't here, Shaniya screamed and cried for over an hour."

Shanette now plans to get security cameras and has a message to the people responsible.

"it's one thing y'all robbed us. I can replace that, but you are low. Low and the scum of the earth to take my baby's dog."

The family was able to get some of their stolen items back after seeing some of them up for sale on Facebook, however, Bella is still missing.

Milwaukee Police say they are still investigating. 

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