'We all need a little bit more self-love': Bay View artist set to launch first book focused on body positivity

NOW: ’We all need a little bit more self-love’: Bay View artist set to launch first book focused on body positivity

BAY VIEW, Wis. (CBS 58) -- For Bay View's Rachal Duggan, she's most comfortable with a pen in her hand and a piece of paper in front of her.

"First and foremost, I am an illustrator," Duggan said. "I love to draw."

After years working as an illustrator, the 36-year-old is ready to add another title to her resume.

"Now, I can officially say I'm an author," Duggan beamed. "It's incredibly surreal."

On May 20, 2023, Duggan will reveal her first ever book at a launch party being hosted at Lion's Tooth in Bay View. Her book, 'All Butts Are Good Butts' is a 64-page manuscript made for teens and adults to help find appreciation in their natural selves.

"It's silly and funny, but the underlying message is that we all need a little bit more self-love," Duggan explained. "There's a lot about body acceptance in the book. It really is a picture book. It's a lot of illustrations."

The illustrations are done by the artist herself, Duggan admitting there are more butts in the book than there are pages. Her work features everything from the bottoms of cats and dogs to ducks and humans.

"We're constantly seeing messaging that we aren't good enough or we need to change or that we should be a filter," Duggan said. "This book, my drawings, are trying to go against that and try to embrace what you have versus thinking you have to fix every part of yourself."

It's an important message, one Lion's Tooth owner Shelly McClone-Carriere is excited to help share at her book store.

"We started following her (Rachal) work online and just fell in love with it immediately. Reached out, asked if we could sell her stuff here," McClone-Carriere said. "We just love to support local people that make this city beautiful. It makes my job, my work worth it."

Rachal is hopeful her message of self-love and acceptance will spread well beyond the limits of the Bay View neighborhood. Still, she's grateful to be starting her journey as an illustrator and offer in the community she calls home.

"I'm just really hoping people pick up the book and enjoy it," Duggan said. "Life can be so heavy and serious at times, especially when you're talking about body-image related stuff. That message is definitely in the book, self-love, acceptance; but it's also meant to be kind of funny and silly and something that you could maybe laugh or chuckle at and not take too seriously."

Those looking to order All Butts Are Good Butts can do so here.

Tickets to the book release party are available here.

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