Wauwatosa's Independence Day parade is one of many back after a year of cancellations

NOW: Wauwatosa’s Independence Day parade is one of many back after a year of cancellations

WAUWATOSA (CBS 58) -- Families gathered once again at the Wauwatosa parade Monday, July 5. 

"It's just nice seeing people, getting together, its a sense of freedom all in itself," said Jim Koplinski. He came Greenfield with his family to see the Wauwatosa Independence Day parade.  

Last year looked much different with most of the Fourth of July festivities being canceled because of COVID-19. 

Wauwatosa is one of the many to come back. 

"It's just a celebration day to celebrate where you live," said Myles Koplinksi. 

And celebrate they did Monday morning. Red, white and blue was everywhere. Marching bands, old cars and dinosaurs, they all put a smile on Myles Koplinski's face. 

"I like the people on stilts, they're pretty cool," said Myles Koplinksi. 

The popular tradition was back on July 5 this year, but the fireworks in Wauwatosa still took place on the Fourth of July. 

"Everything's going back to normal like how it should be," said Myles Koplinski. 

This year was 22 blocks and two hours full of entertainment. 

People filled North Avenue to see the show. It was a little hot, but some residents say they wouldn't miss it. 

"I look forward to getting up early coming to the parade," said Sean Atkins. 

People brought their own tents and stayed in the shade. Those in the parade brought some relief spraying people with water guns. 

As people got together with family and friends, the meaning of Independence Day was remembered. 

"Just family, fun, being free and having a great country that no ones going to take away from us," said Atkins.

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