Wauwatosa residents who had mail stolen receive surprise deliveries

NOW: Wauwatosa residents who had mail stolen receive surprise deliveries

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some Wauwatosa residents who had their mail stolen last year got a surprise delivery this week.

Legendary Whitetails, an online clothing retailer out of Slinger, Wisconsin decided to give back to those who had to deal with the frustration of losing birthday and holiday cards and gifts.

“We decided we wanted to give back,” Ryan Johnson, Legendary Whitetails Marketing Manager, said. “We have some employees who live in the area, and when we heard about the news we decided let's jump in and give back to the community.”

On Wednesday, the company, including their Whitetail Deer employee, “Reed:” dropped off packages with merchandise and a gift card to some of the mail theft victims.

“I definitely was surprised when I opened my door and saw that,” Keri Moore, a Wauwatosa resident who had her mail stolen, said. “That was unexpected. I’m definitely surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity.”

Moore had her birthday cards stolen.

“It was a shame and I felt violated,” she said.

And Moore is not alone.

“It was frustrating,” Michele Matthai said. “I just thought it was really strange that my boys didn’t get anything for their birthday and it’s not the type of thing where you feel comfortable asking… did you send a card?”

Their former mail carrier has pleaded guilty in the federal case to stealing thousands of greeting cards.

“It was just a disappointment because getting those cards from Grandma are just so important to kids,” Matthai said.

After a year of frustration, Legendary Whitetails has restored their faith in deliveries.

“I’m so touched by the gesture,” Matthai said. “I would not have expected anyone to do anything like this. I know a lot of people were impacted.”

Legendary Whitetails also mailed some of the surprise packages to victims who were not home at the time of the surprise deliveries.

“It was fun,” Johnson said. “Giving them something to replace what was lost is fulfilling in itself.”

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