Wauwatosa Man Charged with Stealing Massive Amounts of Vanilla Extract to Get Drunk

WAUKESHA - A Wauwatosa man is charged with stealing massive amounts of vanilla extract from Woodman's in Waukesha in order to get drunk.

Surveillance video shows Brian Schram entering the store on November 13th through the liquor entrance. He is shown turning down the spice aisle and picking up an unknown amount of McCormick vanilla extract off the shelf. After taking the extract, he heads to a different aisle where he hides the vanilla extract in his jacket's inner pocket. He then walks towards the exit of the store and the vanilla extract box can be seen sticking out of the inner jacket pocket on surveillance video. After leaving the store, Schram heads to a bus stop where he appears to drink the vanilla extract. 

On November 16th, Schram returned to the store and grabbed two more containers of vanilla extract. That's when a worker for Woodman's confronted the suspect and stood with him until officers arrived.

While speaking with Schram, officers could tell he was intoxicated. Schram then admitted to drinking approximately one pint of vanilla extract.

Schram's blood alcohol level was .202. He was placed under arrest for both thefts of the extract.

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