Waukesha South High School principal on leave following child neglect charges

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – The Waukesha South High School principal is on administrative leave after being charged with child neglect.

According to a criminal complaint, 34-year-old Ryan Galante faces two counts of child neglect.

Court documents say authorities were called to Children’s Hospital in Wauwatosa on December 24, 2017. Deputies at the hospital learned Galante’s one-month-old daughter was being x-rayed for injuries.

Galante’s wife told officers she noticed him holding the baby, when she made a face that she was in pain and began to cry. Galante’s wife told authorities she did not see what had happened but continued to watch the child for the next several hours. Later, she noticed the baby’s leg looked out of place and brought her to the hospital.

Deputies learned the one-month-old suffered a right femur fracture that was “likely caused by a twisting motion”. The doctor told authorities the fracture would have likely “required a considerable [amount] of force”.

Galante’s wife told authorities he had been seeing a counselor for a binge drinking problem but she had believed he was sober for the past year.

When deputies went to Galante’s home early the next morning, his blood alcohol content was 0.204.

Galante told a social worker that he was sorry and didn’t mean to injure his daughter. He said the one-month-old was slipping from his grasp and he grabbed her leg to prevent her from falling.

Later, in an interview with police, Galante told investigators he was holding his daughter in his arms and when he made a quick movement to his right to shout at his other daughter, he heard the baby cry out.

When asked about the statement he gave to the social worker saying the baby was falling, Galante told police the scenario is "possible".

In a doctor’s report, it was stated in part, “overall, this fracture is concerning for child physical abuse, although additional history of exactly what happened could potentially lessen the suspicion.”

The second count of child neglect is related to Galante drinking heavily during the hours his wife and baby were gone at the hospital. Officers say Galante was responsible for the welfare of his 2-year-old daughter, but was severely intoxicated.

Galante faces up to a $10,000 fine and nine months in prison for each count.

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