Waukesha School District is Trying to Combat Bullying

More than 160,000 kids miss school every day out of fear of being bullied.

Wisconsin ranks 18th as the worst state for bullying, but it may also gain recognition for coming up with ways to stop it.

October is bullying prevention month.

Students at Butler Middle School in Waukesha are taking a stand against bullying through the "Bystander Revolution Challenge." 

Students have daily challenges, including sit with someone new.

A year ago, Butler decided to address bullying head on with the month long challenge.

It went so well they brought it back.

Staff said despite their best efforts bullying still exists.

So instead of preventative discussions they are trying to empower young students to stand up for themselves and their friends.

Butler knows bullying won't end tomorrow, but they hope getting in front of it will equip kids with the skills they need to solve problems.

"We are trying to prepare them to be a productive, respectful, responsible adults,” said Kim Harrington.

Each school in the Waukesha District has their own practice regarding how to report bullying.  

At Butler it's an anonymous submission form.

Students at Horning Middle School can also report bullying online.

At South High School, students can text a number for help.

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