Waukesha residents facing downed limbs, power outages a day after the storm

NOW: Waukesha residents facing downed limbs, power outages a day after the storm

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors in Waukesha are still dealing with the fallout of Tuesday night's storm Wednesday, Aug. 11.

At the Prairie Home Cemetery in Waukesha, the storm tore a tree in half. But with no homes nearby, it's a low priority situation while elsewhere in town, people are still sorting through the mess.

The city already has a massive pile of limbs which are just some of the damages crews picked up in Waukesha after the storm.

"We were seeing what was going on with the storm, and the wind was blowing things around, we hear a crack, a couple branches at the neighbor's house came down and knocked the electric line and the mast off, so we still have power but it's been sort of a dangerous situation, so they have that roped off," said Christina Norbe.

She says a low-hanging wire outside her home has been a concern, but she says at least the damage is done.

"The branch is down now so that's great, so hopefully they'll get to getting it fixed and we'll be back up and running," said Norbe.

She isn't the only one with downed power lines.

One person who didn't want to go on camera said he's dealing with a live line, has been down since Tuesday night, and he's spent all day trying to get We Energies or first responders to do something.

Other people, like Chris Larsen, said almost every storm like this knocks out his power.

"With this last one we don't even have an estimate on when it'll get back on," said Larsen.

He said he's been without power since 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night, and hasn't gotten any word on when it could be fixed.

"Hopefully We Energies will fix it," said Larsen.

Waukesha city officials said you'll be able to drop off any downed limbs or tree debris you may have this Saturday at the City of Waukesha Drop-off Center.

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