Waukesha County works with school districts on 'Stay Safe to Stay Open' campaign

NOW: Waukesha County works with school districts on ’Stay Safe to Stay Open’ campaign

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Schools across our area are developing plans on how to reopen this school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest is Waukesha County, who has seen an increase in young cases.

County health officials say they only had 81 cases from the beginning of the pandemic until June 30 for ages 10-19.

However, in the month of July, the county has had 356 cases in the same age group, as school is weeks away.

The county is working with the school districts on a campaign called "Stay Safe to Stay Open," and they have been meeting regularly.

County health officials are giving the districts guidelines on how to reopen, but the districts did not specify whether or not they would open in person or virtually yet.

Each district will make its own decision based on the conditions there.

County officials did offer a stern warning to residents.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had individuals that have let their guard down especially here in Waukesha County and it’s time for us to step back up and realize that we’re in the middle of a virus, of a pandemic, that we have to deal with and the decisions that we make today will help figure out what we’re going to do as the fall starts. We’ve seen significant increases in our case counts, especially in the high school and the 20-year-old something ages. Those individuals are bringing that back home and we are seeing some spread through their parents,” Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow said. 

Officials say it is a fluid situation and they are monitoring it to make decisions about how schools will reopen in the coming weeks.

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