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Waukesha chinchillas up for adoption

More of the 300-plus chinchillas rescued from a Waukesha home are now up for adoption. Monday evening they had 32 chinchillas up for adoption.

\"They do a lot of quirky, cute things,\" said Breanne Brennan.

She's hoping to become chinchilla parent.

\"When I heard about this I couldn't say no,\" said Brennan.

331 chinchillas were found in home in Waukesha back in March.

The Humane Animal Wellness Society of Waukesha took in the pets, and took care of them until they were ready to be adopted. Executive Director of HAWS Lynn Olenik tells us they're even offering a class to those looking to take one home.

\"People really need to understand what they are adopting. They can live twenty years,\" said Olenik.

The class included what type of cage they should stay in and what type of toys to give them. The little critters like to chew and anything plastic won't last very long.

This is the second chinchilla class held by HAWS for future pet owners.

Olenik knew these pets would find good homes mainly because of the people who live in Waukesha.

\"The community has stepped up and they have all joined forces to make this successful for us,\" said Olenik.

They have a waiting list of people wanting to adopt one.

\"We probably have more people on our waiting list then we have chinchillas available,\" said Olenik.

There are a few other local agencies that took in some of the 300 chinchillas. If you are looking to adopt one, you need to contact the animal shelters in Fox Valley, Elmbrook and the Wisconsin Humane Society.

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