"Watch out, dodge it:" Milwaukee Common Council urges people to report potholes

NOW: “Watch out, dodge it:“ Milwaukee Common Council urges people to report potholes

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some drivers in southeastern Wisconsin say they actively dodge potholes. The Milwaukee Common Council is encouraging people and businesses to report any potholes they see. 

According to the city call center received  1,868 requests to fill potholes from the beginning of the year. Last year, that number is down 253 requests. 

Potholes can be seen all over the City of Milwaukee. 

"They are everywhere you turn. It is not just little small ones, there are big ones too," said Ber-nice Dannie. 

DPW worked to fill some of the potholes near Whitnall and Pine Avenue Thursday afternoon. 

Residents like Louis Scott said they were relieved to see the crews working on the roads. "Seeing them out here the first thing I did was thank them because they are on top of their job today so I have no complaints," said Scott. 

Common Council wants people to report potholes because not only are they rough on your car, potholes can widen and deepen in a matter of hours. With recent temperature swings and the mix of rain and some snow, it can create the perfect conditions for potholes. 

If you'd like to report a pothole, follow one of these steps to report it. 


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