Washington County Man Dies Snow Blowing

A 69-year-old man died after snow blowing his driveway in Washington County on Monday.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded at 6:56 p.m. for a report of a 69-year-old male that became unresponsive while snow blowing his driveway.

Three deputies simultaneously arrived, just after 4 minutes from the time of call, to find the victim laying on the driveway.

All three deputies started life saving efforts to include CPR with an automatic defibulator hook up.

According to the sheriff’s office, despite the efforts of all the first responders, the victim was pronounced deceased at a local hospital.

Office would like to remind individuals that have heart attack risk factors to refrain from strenuous snow removal, and more specifically, snow shoveling. That type of physical exertion can trigger a heart attack. To compound the problem, the cold temperatures also increase the risk because the arteries constrict and thereby increase blood pressure. 

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