Suspect arrested for assaulting lawn-mowing 13-year-old

NOW: Suspect arrested for assaulting lawn-mowing 13-year-old

A 13-year-old boy remains at Children's Hospital after authorities say he was assaulted while mowing the lawn.

The attack happened Monday evening just before sunset, in an upscale neighborhood in the Village of Richfield. 

The 13-year-old boy was found unconscious by his father, after being struck repeatedly in the head from behind, according to authorities.

Washington County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says 47-year-old Brian Olson was arrested Wednesday morning at Holy Hill. The popular sanctuary sits about 9 miles from the location of the assault.

    "He was outside of his vehicle in the parking lot area," says Schmidt. "As the first deputy came into his view, he immediately went to that trunk of his vehicle and pulled out an object, presented it to the deputy, and made a statement telling him to shoot him." 

Schmidt says more deputies arrived, and eventually used tasers to subdue Olson. 

    "He did try to flee, but they were able to get close enough to have the taser activate and take him to the ground." 

Schmidt would not disclose what that weapon on Olson was, but says investigators believe it to be the same object used in the assault.

    "To the best of our knowledge he was on, and operating a riding mower, and he was struck from behind," he says. "He suffered pretty severe blows to his head." 

Schmidt says Olson is the boy's neighbor, and was an immediate suspect.

    "He had been acting strangely the last couple of weeks according to neighbors. We know this individual from past contacts we've had with him going back to 1995." 

Schmidt believes the attack was unprovoked, but says Olson has suffered from mental issues in the past. 

    "To the best we can tell, the 13-year-old did absolutely nothing. There was no sign of any earlier confrontation, no past issues or anything like that," he says. 

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