Warrant Unsealed in Zalayia Jenkins' Death

A warrant has been unsealed in the investigation into the fatal shooting of Zalayia Jenkins.

The 9-year-old girl was shot inside her house on May 5, 2016, in the 1500 block of W. Meinecke Avenue in Milwaukee.

The warrant was sealed for 90 days passed December 19, 2016.


A witness told police that five minutes prior to the shooting she saw two vehicles. She believed they were conducting a drug transaction and she yelled to the drivers to stop selling drugs. Words were exchanged and a white Chevrolet Malibu drove off.

Minutes later the Malibu returned and parked at the corner of North 16th Street and Meinecke Avenue.

The witness told the children to go into the home.

Another witness identified three people that the witness thought were in the Malibu.

Police spoke to the owner of the vehicle that said her boyfriend’s friend had been driving her car.

The car was returned to the owner sometime in late May or early June.

During the investigation, police observed a small hole in the rear bumper consistent with a bullet hole.

Milwaukee Police then interviewed who they were told was the driver of the vehicle during that time period. The driver of the vehicle told police that minutes after arguing with the woman he picked up two unidentified males. They were driving northbound when they heard gun shots. The driver said he was being shot at by an unknown person standing in the field.


A phone was found in a stolen car that crashed after a Greenfield Police pursuit on I-43 on May 2.

This was three days before the 9-year-old’s fatal shooting.

The cellphone was connected to a Gmail account for a possible suspect in the girl’s homicide.

A phone number was found on the phone for the driver of the vehicle the night of fatal shooting. The number for the driver was different than the number the driver gave to police.

In text messages three days prior to girl’s death, the homicide suspect referenced being with the driver.


Milwaukee Police requested the search warrant to Sprint in November.

The warrant was for information regarding call records for information on incoming and outgoing calls and messages from April 15, 2016 at midnight to May 30, 2016 at midnight.

In addition, the warrant was for originating and terminating cellular telephone sites and corresponding street address of those towers for all calls and text messages during that time.

The warrant, also, requests the billing and subscriber names and identifiers.

Police believed phone number associated with the warrant was associated with the homicide of Jenkins, according to the warrant.

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