Warmer Than Normal 70s Continue

NOW: Warmer Than Normal 70s Continue

The 70s arrived right on time this year, for Milwaukee. 

 Saturday was the start of much above normal heat for the city... while it's all relative, at this time of the year I think we can call 70s "heat" since the average high is just fifty degrees for today's date. Despite a lake breeze we hit the 70s once again Sunday. What a lovely weather day for Easter Sunday. 
 It was a nice change from the 30s and 40s .we had prior in the week. And even though we will cool back a bit by the weekend, temps will remain above average through the stretch. 
Today was the warmest day of the year in Milwaukee reaching 75 degrees! The next two days will likely find highs in the 70s once again. If the forecast holds, that's five consecutive days in the 70s. That's a stretch of warmth we haven't felt since the first week of November! It's possible tomorrow will provide yet again the warmest day of the year.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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